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Matera is DeFi for the Creator economy. Get rewarded for we content you create, grow by enabling supporters to stake for you, and access liquidity
Calling all creators
MISSIONEmpowering creatorsWhether you tweet once in a while or are a full time influencer - you are a credit. Across the world, over 300m people identify as creators - and we bet you do too. We are all creators.
VISIONUnleashing potentialBut only 4% of creators make a living out of it, while platforms they create on are valued in the trillions. We built Matera to change the game, and bring a web3 economy on top of web2 social platforms.
REVOLUTIONTransition to Web3Matera turns your favourite web2 social networks into a thriving web3 economy centerd around You - the creator.
How to get startedIf you have an account on X, then you are eligible.
Login to Matera with your social profile
Get reward allocation based on your X engagement
Complete tasks to boost your allocation
What creators can do with Matera
Stake for you to increase the value of your networkStake and earn yield from your favourite creators
Boost your profileBring liquidity and incentivize your fans for engagement
Turn your network into net worthAttract backing from stakers and grow your Matera Points
Plug into Defi liquidityAttract capital and Defi liquidity to fund your projects
Focus on creatingMatera generates earnings while you create
Attract brands and sponsorsGrow your Matera Points and become appealing to sponsors
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Matera is DeFi for the Creator economy
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